Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor - Nordic Semiconductor is at the forefront of this wireless revolution having single-handedly pioneered the ULP wireless sector during the 1990s. Today, due in large part to Nordic's persistent efforts to continually develop, enhance and expand the reach of ULP wireless, a version of ULP wireless connectivity called Bluetooth low energy has now been adopted by the open standards group behind Bluetooth wireless technology: the Bluetooth SIG. As such, Bluetooth low energy will shortly appear alongside classic Bluetooth in almost every new cell phone and Bluetooth-enabled device.
ABC අර්ධ සන්නායක ක කරගන යාමට නියෝජිතයා ද වේ Nordic Semiconductor. ඔබ විසින් සිදු කරන ලද කිසියම් හෝ නිෂ්පාදන අවශ්ය නම් කරුණාකර අප සමග සම්බන්ධ Nordic Semiconductor.